Well hey there.
Brittany is an award-winning designer living in Memphis. Currently the senior designer for the National Design Desk at ACBJ, she designs weekly publications and web creative for the Phoenix, Denver and Sacramento Business Journals. As a designer for multiple markets she is a problem solver and visual storyteller through photography, typography, graphics and illustration. With a background in illustration, she adds easter eggs into the designs to elevate and tie together each piece down to the smallest details. Brittany runs on coffee and comfortpuffs (Reese's Puffs cereal) which are great incentives if you need a favor.
She has received numerous awards from the Society for News Design's annual contest, Top of the Rockies SPJ, amongst others.
2021 | We the people (3 Awards of excellence, print/digital staff portfolio, & judge’s special recognition) 
2020 | Award of excellence 
2019 | World’s Best Designed Newspaper finalist for Memphis Business Journal 
Top of the Rockies SPJ
2021 | Editorial cover design 
FXPose Magazine
Featured for digital illustration
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